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Trane Centrifugal CVHE/CVHF Chiller:



  • All measurement locations except the Axial data can be collected with a magnetic mounting.
  • Axial readings require utilization of a stud mounting. Utilize the manufacturers supplied stud at approximate 5:30 location on the bearing cover. Use appropriate stud adapter supplied by CSI.
  • Additional readings can be taken along with vibration data. Motor current readings are normally collected on all 480 volt machines on one line.
  • Sound readings can also be utilized if noise is an issue.
  • Always note the chiller model number, Serial number, Load %, # of starts, # of run hours each time data is collected.
  • Normally total time to collect data is about 15 minutes using a digitally recording vibration analyzer
  • Chiller faults?
  • Unbalance= Greater than .25 in/sec velocity pk in radial direction. (usually motor outboard)
  • Motor outboard bearing faults. Audible noise, high energy (0-3,000 Hz) area at bearing fault frequencies.
  • High acceleration levels in motor outboard axial indicating initial bearing wear.
  • Rubbing of motor inboard bearing. Can come and go w/high 1xrpm levels as indicator.
  • Flow vibration between 65-115 Hz area.
  • Broken Rotor bars in the motor currrent data.
  • Surging (audible squeeling).
  • Lost preload usually indicated by high radial and axial 1xrpm levels.
  • High 120 Hz motor hum which can indicate a poorly wound stator.